ePosters Virtual Event

Optometry’s Meeting® welcomes all to attend the ePosters Virtual Event, June 13-14, 2023, supported by Janssen. Accessible on the AOA EyeLearn Professional Development Hub, the ePosters Virtual Event will include poster presentations in nine, 50-minute courses to provide greater visibility and participation than ever before for this scientific forum.

2023 ePosters Virtual Event

Featuring a record number of digital poster presentations, the ePosters Virtual Event will be conducted online on the AOA EyeLearn Professional Development Hub, June 13-14, with the top five posters selected to participate in a live, interactive education session during Optometry's Meeting in Washington, D.C., on June 23.

The ePosters Virtual Event creates a national forum for clinicians, students and faculty to communicate interesting case studies and unique optometric research to their colleagues. These virtual sessions not only help our profession stay relevant with the latest research but also promote a collaborative environment for clinicians and academics to benefit patient care.

Consult the ePosters Virtual Event schedule below to find the presentations you would like to attend and the corresponding virtual room to enroll for within the AOA EyeLearn platform.


Access the AOA EyeLearn user guide to review system requirements and learn how to set up your login.

Hear from past presenters about the ePosters Virtual Event:

"Abstracts and posters presented in the ePoster format allow more agile dissemination of information, which can introduce like-minded, potential researchers to each other and promote collaboration on future larger research studies. Optometric research is expanding rapidly and there are growing opportunities for collaborative studies on new devices, new techniques and for gathering normative data. The ePoster format allows for a wide variety of topics and creates a forum for discussion with the potential for future collaborative research opportunities."-Lynn Greenspan, O.D.

"With the rapid development of clinical research, I think that having the ePoster Session held by the AOA has provided practitioners and clinicians a one-stop opportunity for a comprehensive glimpse of what highlighted topics are considered clinically important and relevant in optometry today. The ePoster format was very intuitive and effective in sharing ideas with a large group audience. The attendees had the flexibility to sign up for topics of interest and attend the sessions in a rapid-fire format. As a presenter last year, I was motivated and honored to share key, three-year retrospective findings of how to strategize treatment modalities for myopia management. Attendees and peers found the ePoster Sessions more practical in this virtual, roundtable setting."-Kevin Chan, O.D.


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